Friends Committee News

Annual General Meeting 2015

This year we were very lucky to have two diverse speakers. Miranda Poliakoff, the Curator of Fulham Palace, and Darren Preston, COO of Fulham Football Club. Miranda spoke on the current exhibition entitled ‘From Bishop’s Home to People’s Palace”. It was fascinating and it is a must see exhibition for all the local community. If you have any pictures or items that might be helpful for this type of exhibition then Miranda would love to hear from you. The Museum is a marvellous local asset, so do try and visit.

Darren Preston, COO of Fulham Football Club, spoke about the clubs building development of the Riverside Stand and current works currently being undertaken. There is still one licence that has to be granted, which they feel is not a problem, so the works will be going ahead. Darren did mention, which was a suprise to some, that they are in discussions with the Council about using 50 meters of Fielders Meadow for the storage of materials and equipment to be used for the works. The Council is discussing a rental fee for this ‘temporary’ use of the park but the area will be out of use to the general public for up to 2 and a half years.

The Friends have had discussions with the Council about our thoughts on this matter. Whilst we are not happy we understand the need but would expect the Club to restore the affected area and that a substantial part of the fees be ploughed back into Bishops Parks.

Issues relating transport of equipment ect by river is still being discussed and nothing has been finalised at the time of the meeting.

Both guest speakers provided and entertaining break to the formal part of the meeting.